Frequently Asked Questions

What is Madrasat Al Quran?

Madrasat Al Quran is an Online Quran Academy which provides services of Online Quran learning for kids and Adults through internet with a tremendous experience of Online Quran teaching having a lot of satisfied students all over the World including USA, UK, Canada, UAE, Denmark, Ireland and other countries who have gained Holy Quran education online from our Quran Tutors.

What are the programs that Madrasat Al Quran gives?

Quran Recitation Course

Quran Memorization Course

Online Ijazah Course

Islamic Studies Course

Tajweed Rules Course

Arabic Language Course

Can I change the teacher or the class?

-The first class with Madrasat Al Quran Online classes will be a free trial session to see your teacher and his or her teaching method. After that you will decide if you want to continue with him/her or you want to Change, after taking more than one class with any teacher and you want to change for any reason or after deciding your time and you want to change, just send to the support team on your whatsapp group to arrange everything with you any time.

Is there group classes or Just one to one?

We have in Madrasat Al Quran Online classes two options in taking classes

the first one (one to one)

The second one to be more than one person (a group class)

How can parents check their kid’s performance?

Parents can check their kid’s performance in Madrasat Al Quran Online classes through two ways

A-we send you a monthly report about your kid progress at the end of every month.

B-the kid’s teacher writes his daily progress in a drive sheet and the parents can have access to it and check it daily.

Can I attend a session with my child?

With Madrasat Al Quran Online classes, you can follow your kid and attend the class to see his/her performance and the teacher’s methods in teaching, but not every class.

What happens if I cannot attend a lesson?

If you cannot attend a lesson in Madrasat Al Quran Online classes, you can cancel it before at least 6 hours from it’s time and in this case we will reschedule it for you. But if the cancellation was before the class directly we will not be able to reschedule it for you because the teacher will be already waiting for you.

Do you offer a free trial ?

The first class in Madrasat Al Quran Online classes is always a free trial one.

Can I pick the gender of the teacher ?

According to the gender of the teacher in Madrasat Al Quran Online classes you can choose that as you want during the assessment session.

How can the student or his parents contact the teacher?

The student or parents can contact the teacher in Madrasat Al Quran Online classes via the support team on whatsapp group, just they can send what they want, any questions, or their homework and immediately the support team will contact the teacher and send you his/her reply.


What if a teacher is absent and misses my class?

In the case of teacher absence in Madrasat Al Quran Online classes, the students will make up their missed class any time they want.

Could I reschedule my sessions?

With Madrasat Al Quran Online classes you can reschedule your sessions if you tell us before at least 6 hours from your class time, or if you have to reschedule for a necessary sudden issue, you have to tell us before at least one hour from the class time to be able to reschedule it.

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Taking the shahada, profession of the Islamic faith, is one of the biggest decisions

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